SevGen is short for Seven Generations which is an Indigenous way of thinking that says we must consider that our actions and deliberations of today, will affect our people seven generations into the future, whilst drawing on the wisdom of seven generations past.

Based on Kabi Kabi country, SevGen Indigenous Corporation, like the native yam, pops up where the conditions are right. Currently we can be found in Noosa, Noosaville, Cooroy, Greater Sunshine Coast, Alice Springs, Yuendemu, Nyrippi, and Tennant Creek. SevGen operates nationally.

Every purchase made on this website directly supports the charities mission related work.

Our vision at SevGen is to create wellness through connection and relationships.

We have a dual mission to honour the full, true and creative self, and to celebrate, validate, and reinvigorate Indigenous ways of being. We like telling everyone that we celebrate individuals within a social context for the collective benefit of all.

The grassroots approach to our projects means that people in need get the benefits and are co-creating the responses that they need.

D-Time Enterprises has become the holding group for a number of social enterprise ventures, all of which dovetail into each other to form the SevGen landscape and showcase a community development model that has been described as a model for the world.

Through such enterprises as Deadly Espresso Time, Deadly Saltt&Pepper Time, Deadly Bushtucker Time and Deadly Distribution Time - SevGen have been a powerhouse for offering skills and experiences for young people to grow and live more meaningful lives with confidence.
Creating better lives for not only them as individuals, but for their siblings, families, friends and communities in return, for generations to come.

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