Introducing Galeru

The beautiful native foods orchard ‘Galeru Forever Fruits & Flowers’ brings you native fruits, berries, nuts and aromatic superfoods. Every purchase made is supporting an Indigenous led Native Foods Industry and supports our community led development for a healthy community.

In June 2021 SevGen developed a visionary proposal to acquire a native foods orchard property. In an intense 6 weeks timeframe (when many thought this an impossible task) spontaneous, spirited social investors came together to get us across the line. We have 5 years now to reach out again to more spirited people to donate what they can to help us secure this resource for our mission related work.

* Toward an Indigenous led Bushtucker Industry

* Seed Bank for Regenerative Agriculture of endangered species

* 200 buyers within 200kms for the food miles sustainability challenge

* Syntropic Farming for nutrient dense yield

* Community Led Development for a healthy community

* Justice, Health, Education and Employment Reinvestment for innovative solutions

* Futures Thinking for impact agriculture

* Social Enterprise for self determined action

* Closing the Gap

* Soil Food Web with a focus on native micro-organisms

* Sharing Culture for you to give what you can so that we can do what we must with what we can muster.

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